About Funtastic Activewear

FUNTASTIC ACTIVEWEAR is a lifestyle brand for active women of ALL ages. 

Our modern designs offer ultimate comfort while being versatile and fashionable.  We strive to be innovative in everything we do from our custom prints that we create in-house to our unique designs and products.



Our inspiration comes from the women we meet, the events that we attend and our love of Nature's colorful creations as reflected in many of our prints from tropical flowers and palms to exotic ocean lifeforms.

We are forever grateful for the feedback that we receive through our numerous live events where we interact with thousands of women.  Their comments and suggestions have helped shape every product we make.



Our mission is to encourage women to bring the 'FUN' back into their lives.  When you're having fun, you are experiencing the freedom to be 'YOU' and that is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  It shifts the vibration of your mind and body and makes you love life, love yourself and feel good.

One of the reasons we started this project was to bring 'JOY' back into our own lives.   Every product is infused with the energy frequency of this original emotion.